October 29, 2013--The Glynne's Soaps staff is excited to be out of the kitchen.

In October 2008 when Glynne's Soaps began with three dog soaps, the owners - Gayle Tabor and Jenn Beddoe - had no idea the path they would travel. The business that began as a hobby has grown to include not only pet products but also a full line of skin care products for humans. Those who frequent farmers markets and festivals in the Wilmington area are no doubt familiar with the Glynne's Soaps product line.

Glynne's Soaps has truly been a homegrown business with all the products made in the owners Monkey Junction home. However, the staff bought themselves a 5-yaer anniversary gift - studio space in downtown Wilmington.  As of October 25, 2013 all operations moved from the kitchen to studio space above Crescent Moon Gallery at 24 N Front St; additionally, Glynne's Soaps products are available for purchase in The Crescent Moon Gallery. 

Beddoe, who holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry from UNCW, says the new space will offer room for the company to grow. "There is really only so much we are able to make out of our kitchen" she says. Beddoe says she fully expects the line of soaps, lotions, body scrubs, lip balms and sprays to expand. "We are very proud" said Tabor "that we have been able to stick to our goal of providing only the best all natural skin care products. The day we are forced to use cheaper synthetic ingredients will be the last day we do business."

Glynne's Soaps took advantage of the Fourth Friday Gallery Night, which coincidently fell on their actual anniversary date, to unveil their new studio space.


For more information, contact Gayle Tabor or Jenn Beddoe, the owners of Glynne's Soaps, please call 910.471.7627 or e-mail glynne@glynnesoaps.com



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