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Korea: Forgotten Sacrifice, a Korean War Novel

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June 9, 2020  -  Wrightsville Beach, NC SCORE Cape Fear Region client  simply francis publishing company is pleased to announce the release of  Korea: Forgotten Sacrifice, a Korean War Novel by Frank Amoroso. The release of this book coincides with the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War, the so-called Forgotten War.

In 1950, Korea was the flashpoint for the Communist quest for world domination led by Stalin and Mao. They miscalculated the resolve of President Truman and General MacArthur and the United Nations to protect the nascent democracy in the Republic of Korea. The result was a bloody, three-year war with millions of military and civilian casualties.

Mr. Amoroso weaves a compelling narrative through the experiences of Junior, a combat photographer assigned to General MacArthur as he spies on the forces of Soviet-anointed dictator Kim Il Sung. During the  Battle of Chosin Reservoir, Junior is assigned to Project Ramona, a top-secret OSS/CIA investigation of Japanese atomic bomb research during WWII which was performed on the Korean Peninsula. Junior's team races against the Communists to uncover the valuable research that could change the course of history. Korea: Forgotten Sacrifice takes the reader on a high-stakes adventure of danger, intrigue, and courage that will not be forgotten.   

Frank Amoroso, an attorney, writes historical fiction that focuses a discerning and cynical eye on conventional history and tells the story-behind-the-story. Korea: Forgotten Sacrifice is his ninth book.

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