Wilmington, North Carolina, March 22, 2016-  SCORE Cape Fear client Resolutions Credit Consulting, LLC represents a new direction in assisting people with their dream of owning a new home or buying a new car by delivering individual education and strategies to help their clients increase their credit score.

Owner Lesley Mims has a passion for helping others who do not have good credit scores.  She found her dreams of home ownership on hold as banks and mortgage lenders denied her credit due to a less than desirable credit score.  It was then that Lesley developed a plan to improve her own credit score and was finally able to purchase her own home. Lesley then decided to go one step further to learn about the Credit Industry and work toward her Certification so she could help others achieve their dreams through her experience.

Resolutions Credit Consulting is certified through the Credit Consultants Association and offers individual services to teach their clients about their credit score and its importance in everyday life. They provide personalized one on one service to their clients, working with them in a full review of their credit report to identify errors and determine if any entries can be disputed and removed because the information is incorrect or unverifiable.

They work with their clients in gathering information and crafting letters to send to all of the credit bureaus towards correcting the information that may be affecting a client's credit score.

Resolutions Credit Counseling also teaches their clients how to add positive credit to their

file towards an increase in their credit score. They also educate and formulate future plans with their clients, allowing them to achieve and maintain a good credit score.  "My job is to stabilize a client's credit and assist them in preparing a written credit plan to follow towards continual credit score improvement", says Mims.

Resolutions Credit Counseling puts the pieces of the credit puzzle together to help make their client's dreams a reality.

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Lesley M. Mims, Owner, Certified Credit Consultant