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September 14, 2020 - Wilmington, NC—SCORE Cape Fear Region is pleased to announce the opening of the first Black-owned Metaphysical shop in Wilmington. All are invited to visit EN~Light Readings and More's new physical location at 3941 Market St., Unit B in Wilmington. This new location will be home to Wilmington's Psychic, Aquamoon, as well as Kaspera's Blue Lotus.


Aquamoon is the owner and founder of En~Light Readings & More. She is an Empath and Medium who is both intuitive and clairaudient. Aquamoon specializes in card readings, chakra work, crystal knowledge, intuitive coaching, and additional spiritual services. In addition to her services as a psychic, Aquamoon's store, EN~Light, offers metaphysical supplies including crystals, sage, essential oils, skincare, candles, and jewelry.

We invite everyone to come and meet Aquamoon and see why she's breaking barriers as the first black psychic business owner in Wilmington. 

If you are not able to shop in person, you can always catch up with #theblackpsychic online. Aquamoon has a group, EN~Light Readings & More and EN~Light by Aqua, on Facebook and Instagram, where she teaches and mentors a broad range of like-minded beings. She can't wait to share love and light with our community’s first Black psychic business owner in Wilmington.

SCORE Cape Fear Region mentors are excited for Aquamoon as she applies her many years of international experience conducted over the Internet and brings it directly to the people in the Wilmington area.

She is available now at her Market St. location to perform her Readings and display the many artifacts which support her spiritual services.

To learn more about EN~Light Readings & More or more about Aquamoon, visit her Facebook page to accommodate a visit within the current Covid-19 protocols.

Due to the Covid-19 and social-distancing order, EN~Light is taking every precaution while keeping all merchandise sterile and clean. We are currently offering curbside pickup of our entire inventory. Aquamoon and EN~Light hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

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