November 5, 2014 -- Edge of Urge, the Wilmington-based retail company known nationally for its creative clothing and accessories, will open a new store in Raleigh, NC, on November 15, 2014. "We chose the new location at 215 East Franklin Street for its proximity to the creative class in Raleigh", said Jessie Williams, founder and owner of both locations. 

"We aren't just expanding, we're making space," said Williams, "This new Edge of Urge location is a dynamic, supportive, retail space that builds on our strong ties, in NC and beyond, stocked with the most beloved labels, missing pieces, emerging made-in-the-USA designers, and a network of creative professionals, for your personal brand."

Since its small beginnings in 2002, Edge of Urge has grown not just as a brand, or a retail store, it has evolved into a launching pad for countless designers, an incubator for ideas and a space to cultivate and encourage emerging brands with already in-motion, completely vetted and dedicated creative people.

A grand opening party is scheduled for Saturday, November 15, with Edge of Urge and Lumina Clothing (also a Wilmington based company) teaming up to throw a block party that incorporates friends and offerings from Yellow Dog Bread, The Wine Authorities, Person St. Bar, Oak City Cycles, Raleigh City Farm, and Standard Foods. As Williams said, "Edge of Urge has always believed in the power of numbers!" Freaker USA, also founded in Wilmington, will be there with their distinctive yellow box truck, providing the stage for North Carolina bands Daddy Issues, The See Gulls, and Zack Mexico. The block party begins at 2 pm, and goes until..........., and then Person St. Bar will host an after party. 

Edge of Urge Raleigh will be open Monday-Friday 11 am - 7 pm, Saturday 11 am -     8 pm, and Sunday 11 am - 6 pm.  Every day of the week, you will find clothing, jewelry, and art, and both sought after national brands, as well as goods from emerging designers with handmade and local labels.

About Edge of Urge:

Founded in Wilmington, NC in 2002, the goal for Edge of Urge is to build upon our core beliefs in community, learning, self-expression, and taking care of business

To learn more about how Edge of Urge is committed to reinventing the way people invest in art and design, putting money back into the community, and moving a generation forward, please visit:


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