The entrepreneur

Kim Bercovitz’s idea for producing multi-media fitness micro-breaks started by accident. An adjunct professor in public health, equipped with a Ph.D. in behavioral science and health and a postdoctoral fellowship, she delivered a conference wellness talk on bone health to chief executives, chief financial officers, and human resources directors that included a stretch-and-strengthening break. There was a burst of energy in the room leaving participants alert and engaged. One of the attendees even asked if she would fly out West to deliver a live fitness break at an event he was organizing. “Dr. Kim” began to explore the viability of video-delivered fitness and wellness breaks that offer the on demand flexibility of video at an affordable cost.

She began her business in Toronto, and had some initial success selling licenses to her videos. A pharmaceutical company and a university executive MBA program signed up for annual agreements. One executive MBA student who saw the video identified a need at his factory and the idea of a factory fitness program for both office staff and shop floor workers was born.

The opportunity

“People at conferences and work sit too much. Muscles become stiff and posture slouched. Concentration and focus plummet – especially mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The Exercise Bytes solution is a new ‘byte’-size approach to fitness that integrates micro-breaks throughout the day to combat fatigue, boost energy and increase alertness,” Bercovitz said.