Here are 6 items to focus on whenever embarking on any new project.

  1. Define your goal and get buy-in from all project team members. As you do this, you will want to determine each team member's role and responsibilities. You should also consider how the project will affect your company and how you’ll measure the project’s impact.
  2. Determine the project deliverables. What key tasks do team members need to accomplish to move the project along the path to completion? You’ll also need to identify which deliverables depend on other deliverables, so you can establish a timeline that puts tasks in a logical order.
  3. List the resources you will need. Assess what you will need regarding budget, person-hours, and tools to complete the project.
  4. Set a timeline and identify milestones to mark your progress. In your timeline, identify interim goals (“milestones”) that can serve as major landmarks along the way. As the project progresses, your ability to reach milestones will help you know if you’ll need to adjust your scope, budget, or expectations. Milestones also help boost morale as they help project team members see the progress they’ve made.
  5. Define the collaborative process. Determine how often your team members will meet as a group to report their progress and share any challenges that might prevent them from fulfilling their deadlines. Select a tool to help you stay organized and keep all project documentation in a single place accessible to all team members. A variety of online tools exist that can help you manage projects, including Trello, Evernote, Asana, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Slack can help teams communicate and collaborate.

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